February 22, 2004 
Action Alert - Meadow Gold Sign


SW Corner of 11th & Lewis Tulsa, OK
Sign was established circa 1934

A businessman has bought the property that houses the historic Meadow Gold sign on Route 66 in downtown Tulsa, OK.  Although he needs the property empty to make way for an expansion of his business, he has generously agreed to donate the sign to historic preservationists, who plan to relocate it to another spot on 66 and restore its long-dimmed neon.

Unfortunately, moving this enormous sign and the huge framework that supports it is going to be an expensive proposition, and time is of the essence. The property owner has been gracious enough to put his expansion plans on hold temporarily, but he can wait only a few weeks.

To save this historic landmark, please act now. The OK Route 66 Association  is asking you to assist the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture with its efforts to relocate the sign by sending a donation TODAY in any amount you can afford.

Send checks to:
TFA / Save the Sign
c/o Tulsa Foundation for Architecture
2210-R S. Main
Tulsa, OK 74114

Questions can be directed to Rick Schmigle at (918) 492-2822 or e-mail: route66@webzone.net
The foundation is a nonprofit organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.


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